My Tennis Story

p1932r39This is not a web site about tennis technique/tactics.

It is about my experience of  bringing a child up from start to WTA ranking.

I brought my daughter from the start (she was 6 year old when she was introduced to tennis) to #182 WTA ranking.

Very few people  in the world of tennis achieved this, and have this kind of experience.

I am going to share this process with you so this web site is sina qua non for everybody (parent/coach) who is in the process of undertaking this enormous task of bringing a child up competitive ladder (junior tennis, college tennis, professional tennis).

My in depth descriptions, discussions with advices and recommendations are going to be very helpful to anyone who undertakes this huge task, and it is going to enable him/her to cut down on own mistakes.

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I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Google.

That was a fascinating read. Your insights were very illuminating and made me reconsider the recent developments in these areas. If only more writers are as mindful and as passionate about telling everyone regarding these issues as you, we aspiring journalists would not get a really bad rep. Appreciate expressing yourself so articulately. You made my day


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